In order to download individual cover images, audio excerpts, or author photos go to and follow the directions below:

First you need to locate the title within by entering the title, 13 digit ISBN or author name in the search box as indicated in the screen shot below.

screen shot of the header of the P R H dot com website

Once you have selected your title choose the format that you need.

screen shot of the format menu on P R H dot com
To download Cover Images:
Hover over the lower right corner of the cover and click on screen shot of an enlargement icon to enlarge the image.
Once the larger image appears, click on screen shot of the download hi-res icon. On a Mac you can control click to download the image as a TIFF file.
To download Author Photos:
Once you have located the title, click on the Author's name.

This will take you to the author's page and the author photo.

Right click on a PC and select save picture as. On a Mac you can control click and select save image as.

You will be prompted to save to your computer and give the file a unique name. Remember to include any photo credits associated with the author photo.

To download Audio Excerpts:
Once you are in the audiobook format of a title, under the "Listen to a sample…" section you will see a Soundcloud player to listen to an excerpt. Click on the download button to download MP3 Excerpt.

screen shot of the sound cloud playe on P R H dot com with the download icon highlighted Click on Download MP3 Excerpt.

In Internet Explorer right click on Download MP3 Excerpt on a PC and select save target as or on a mac select save target as.
Special Requests for Marketing Cover Images:
If you need to download a large number of marketing cover images (50 or more) or a special format (TIF files or a different resolution), please fill out .
If you are have having problems downloading files from please send an email to .